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To Protect And Defend

The young man boasted with his rifle and his gun
American he was and he was entitled to them for protection and fun,
And he had enough bullets for both of them
As he pledged his allegiance and sang the national anthem.
No man here or abroad can take away that intangible right
And for that belief alone he was prepared to die and fight,
That liberty through laws were created by his forefathers
And he didn't care whose feelings he hurt or whose beliefs it bothers.
With my weapons he said, no one will place upon my body a prison stamp
No one ever is going to ship me off to a FEMA camp,
And attention to all immigrants! You too better beware
If you try to take my job, I will place you in my crosshairs.
I am an American and I am always prepared for thieves and war
So you better think twice before you come to my house or my front door,
My convictions and my weapons with others I must forge
Without people like me, how can we keep away terrorists and king George.

Randy L. McClave

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