To Protect Their Well Being And National Interests

Even though everyone has seen this,
As a boulder falling upon their heads.
It has been requested that we describe it...
As a brief interruption of communicated ideas!

And those unfortunately crushed by the boulder...
Are to be referred to as being deep in interpretive expression!
Using the press releases as a means to avoid public outrage.
That could escalate into a misunderstanding of our journalistic pride...
Interferring with our corporate sponsors decisions,
To further use our 'medium' with added financial backing.
In support of their candidates in the upcoming elections!

We must not lose the confidence of the people,
And they must embrace this as a means,
In our efforts...
To protect their well being and national interests.
This they must accept,
As vital to our bonus and pension plan programs...
Offered to our top excutives!

Once this is clarified and explained...
There should be total comprehension.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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