To Protect 'Your' Interests

My fellow Americans.
And those of preferred hyphenations.
Listen up!
This is your commander speaking.

It has been brought to my attention,
Many of you have become disgruntled.
By the direction I have chosen,
To stir this vessel of imperfection.

This needs clarity.
And many of you have been begging for just that!

As a reminder to those of selective memories.
Not too long ago,
There were those who had jumped ship.
Remember they selfishly pocketed?
With blatant greed and thoughtlessness.
To leave you shocked and dismissed.

Remember it!

Now they secretly wish to return,
As if I am not the one...
Who desires to protect 'your' interests.
You know what a bull does,
When it squats?
Keep that image!
And forget it not!

Remember it.
And don't let your memories stop!

The many of you wishing to review,
Your heartfelt empathies?
Have only one choice.
Accept the truth!
Since it is too late for your to leave.

Snap out of it!
You have no idea,
How tough it has been...
To keep your ridiculous delusions afloat!
On a boat I'm guiding through these stormy seas,
Just on faith and principle.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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