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To Protest

If I do not like their stand
I will hold a demonstration sign in my hand,
Then with others I will proudly parade
My thoughts and my beliefs must be weighed.
I will not ever keep my mouth shut
I stand against anyone who is corrupt,
By God they were not selected
By man, they were chosen and then elected.
Remember our fathers fought for our right to be free
And all politicians work for you and me,
And if evil and corruption they have sired
Then, they all should be judged, then fired.
If I do not believe in the creation of a law
I will stand up against it in any judgment hall,
And if any man wants to be a dictator
He's only allowed, as an actor in a theater.
I will not back down from my fight
It is my guaranteed constitutional right,
When I know that a wrong or an injustice is pressed
As a proud American, I will always protest.

Randy L. McClave

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A great poem here...