To Quite Smoking

Sugar and caffeine are now my drugs of choice
So easily accessible with loose pocket change
But you, my nicotine,
Are a lover I shall bring first hand to the plane
At a one manned airport
Do not come back for a while, please
I will say goodbye to you somewhere nice
Maybe out on the grass
When the sun is setting and the air is warm
And we will have a picnic with sweets
And black coffee
You are like a slug, my nicotine
A swatted fly I think is gone
But crawls back after a month or so
You are like saying goodbye to a lover
In a sad reunion you come back to me
We haven’t spoken in such a long while
Although you dropp a letter here and there
We embrace in such a long, intimate kiss
I inhale you nicotine
Then we start to fight, my cigarette
You choke me in ways no one else can
I swear I will never marry a cigarette
So now, I shall send you away
And sit jealously at the picnic table
With my sugar and coffee
Watching others carelessly kissing their lovers

by Nellekke Tak

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