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To Reach
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To Reach

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

To reach for the sky
To reach for love
To reach for your kiss
Way up above

To reach for heaven
To reach understanding
To reject hell
To know where you’re standing

To reach for winning
And to see you failed, your wounded pride
To know you’re gaining nothing
To still stick by your side

To reach perfection
To decline in emotion
To forget love
And to keep devotion

To reach the ultimate dream
To know you’ve won
To look back on all you’ve endured
To be sad it’s all gone

To reach for selflessness
To have it in your hand
To know that you will die tomorrow
At someone else’s demand

To be confused
To be lost in sorrow
To find your way to light
To not think about tomorrow

To live your life in this way
To reach, until it’s in your possession
To see that life is a challenge
To meet it without aggression

Reach with all your might
Never let this dream get cold
Endure beyond your might
Let your life unfold

Of all color of all race
Never believe the ignorance that exists
Never think god made an error in making you
Always take your dreams and persist
Winning heaven takes only this risk

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