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To Rotted The Unholy Orchids [carrion Love Notes]
IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

To Rotted The Unholy Orchids [carrion Love Notes]

Poem By Instalasi Sastra

Hear me! My first name is rotten,
My second name is orchids;
Can thou see my face moistened,
Of lusterless crimson gore lurid.

Some fella may laugh in mute,
Some foe may cry in blind;
When I spelt this incantation note,
More than atrocity hades they will find.

Be my dying fella to enshrined me,
I will be thy fallen foe to revere thee;
Hail to rotten orchids, be dazzled be,
He will fulfill thine despotic plea.

Rotten orchids, a hades bloom,
The heretic features beyond divine;
Fragrances putrid, a filthiest gloom,
The blood flower realm that must be twine.

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