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To Satan
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To Satan

Satan enough is enough I'm tired of you messing with my stuff.
Loose your hold your tactics are old.
I'm sold out for Jesus and going to hold out as He pleases.
For I'm not ashamed of Jesus name, so form your weapon and get ready to aim.
It won't prosper, not any weapons you've formed.
I'm more than a conqueror, you've been warned!
You might knock me down but still I rise.
Christ my father is in me, not you the father of lies.
You're still fighting a battle that you've already loss.
You got kicked out of Heaven thinking you could be better than the boss.
Then Jesus came and defeated you when he died on the cross.
First you thought you won but see, you didn't know God's plan.
Until Jesus came down to hell and snatched the keys of death and hell out your hand.
Now you're roaring like a lion trying to destroy man.
Because you will never be forgiven, but yet I can..
Satan the day is coming when you will no longer exist until then know this...
You can fight but you will not win.
God will destroy you along with sin.
There will be peace and harmony on earth again!

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what a beautiful peice! I love it, indeed, we're fighting battles but the war is won. Satan has no hold in us. and the reality is that, we're still fighting against the defeated one. heeehaaaa! 10+++++++++ please read mine. 'The Request'