CT (4th November 1994 / Stoke Mandeville)

To Save Me, You Had To Let Me Go!

You walk in, Our eyes meet,
You come over and I know,
Its Love at first site.
We laugh, and joke,
You make comments to make me laugh.
Later that day, you ask me out,
Tell me you really like me, And dont want to leave me,
I smile, embarrassed and tell you back 'I Feel The Same! '
We dont want everyone muscling in,
We keep it a secret, Just for a while,
But when we tell people, Destruction!
I get shocked by the random comments,
You get hurt when people say im too good for you,
You know I dont feel that way,
But still, It crushes you inside,
I stand tall, Try to protect our relationship,
But no chance! Its impossible.
I run out, You dont follow,
You know its for the better if you let me go,
You look down, I turn around,
You look up and whisper gently, 'Sorry'
I know you mean well, But cant help thinking its my fault.
Its over and I know it,
The love we once shared, Has Vanished before my eyes! !

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Aww sad story i would of been happy for you x lol x