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To Say I Am Not A Rhymer

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i have written what some in their wisdom refer to as stuff
The people who can boast of their literary degrees
And for their literary lectures and workshops do command high fees

As a rhymer i will never be one to the fore
I just write for enjoyment that and nothing more
I used to daydream of better things on days gone by
But the title of poet to me does not apply

The bug of the rhymer has followed me south
And always so much for me to write about
With words i am a fellow who does like to play
I am one who does pen a few rhymes every day

To say i am not a rhymer would be telling a lie
Still i hope to be rhyming till the day i do die
In my young years i daydreamed i might be a poet
Though i never became one of literary note.

by Francis Duggan

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