~to See

~ To See

I saw a man unreasoning
Yet sure that he was right,
Unable to admit that some
Possess a different sight.

I threw a thought out to the world;
A different way of seeing,
And to my lintel they converged
To condemn my very being.

Like vultures on a carcass
They picked the bones to see
If, for some flaw, they could reject
The responsibility to see.

by Adeline Foster

Comments (4)

But the problem was not me!
The third stanza does not read as smoothly as the first two. It's a pleasure to read some rhyming poetry that's done with such expertise.
Felt like an Emily Dickinson piece, with a nice rhymes and a bit of a moral. Lovely. -chuck
this is a wonderful not- so- simple poem. a big idea succinctly addressed. last verse 'see' x 2 expected to read 'me' 'the problem that was me' thanks Martin