A Matter Of Time,

Beauty destroys
Passion gets what it deserves
Wealth damages
After certain ages

But I never seen before
Nor heard of caring go for
And translate too hard
Greedy, named as so bad

Time can matter a lot
It changes cold for hot
It can lose what you have got
Over there, picture can be done through a dot

It is all up on time
Fun which seems like a game
Can rotate life like a dame
It is up on time,
Yeah just a matter of time,

by Luwi Habte

Comments (4)

Find Him to write a poem in a nutshell like this....marvellous
Somehow this poem makes me feel that if I could go way back in time and meet with Blake, I would want to discuss with him for hours or days. I love this write. I think to write this at the time he was alive, is genius.
Amusing one.................10
What an imagination. Wonderful