To See Which One Is Better Suited To Lead

I can't be the only one witnessing this,
With uninhibited curiosity.

'What is it that you are looking at? '

You see those two guys?
Running as if they are escaping from something.

I've been watching them for awhile.
And it is difficult to describe this,
They are actually running towards that brick wall.
To see who will win the hitting of their heads up against it.
Look over there in the distance.
See the people cheering them on? '

Is this a new sport?
What is this called?

'Believe it or not...
They've spent billions to do this.'

To do what?

'To see which one is better suited to lead them.'

To lead them?

'To that tremendous ditch,
Growing deeper and wider behind them.'

But what sense does that make?
Why can't the people get off that wall...
And pitch in to fill the ditch?

'You weren't here to witness,
The other people running away...
In the other direction.'

You're right.
Why were they running in the other direction?

'They gave up trying to warn everybody about the ditch.
They were labelled as being negative.
So they chose to get away as far as they can.
With a keeping of themselves distanced.'

I don't understand what values and standards are kept,
By the doing of this.

'Trust me.
Don't try.
Just observe.'

What a nail biter this is.
Plus my knuckles are turning white.

'If you get caught up in it...
Eventually you'll find yourself cheering on that wall.
And tomorrow?
That ditch will still be getting bigger.
With everyone still screaming about,
Nonexisting entitlements.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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