To Set In Motion, Perpetual

to set in motion, perpetual
the visual point must be completely conceptual

aligned with fields of focus
a wind in the crocus?

the wind shall not cease
the flower shall however wilt

suppose a remedy for death would render
the crocus' ne'er ending breath
that moves its petals such.

to continue, unabated

in conjunction with mathematic function
the idea must more than approach infinites' gumption

the mechanics shall not wear
but the numbers so vastly piled shall comprise quite an unrelenting breadth
(and no one really knows such numbers yet)
that no one would comprehend its depth

so again we find a necessity of supernatural powers
to align this gigantic notion with this field of flowers

blowing so indefinitely towards a final hour.

for nothing, as so many folks do know
can move forever without an injection
of inordinate strength

in the right direction

by Warren Andersen

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