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To Shy

I feel my passion rising each time I see your face
Just to make you mine is my only wish
I cant fined the words I need to make you listen

O how I wish he would talk to me
He is the only man I want
He smiles and I can feel my body shake

My heart says be brave do it ask her! ask her!
But I cant I am like a small child full of fears in front of you
Your smile makes me shake o I feel like a teenager again

Why won’t he just ask me out?
That would be my dream fulfilled
If I was braver I would ask him but I am to shy

Beating my self up every day for how shy I am
Your so nice to me you take time to talk and listen
I hear my self jabbering when I talk to you

He says such interesting things
I hang on his every word
Can’t he see I go out of my way to talk to him?

O what can I do I should be brave
But I could not take the rejection
Knowing you would say no! Laughing at me for asking

I have tried to make him ask me
I am so frightened he will laugh thinking I am beneath him
Thinking it a joke for some one like me to want him

How could some one like me think I had a chance?
You are an angel your beauty is beyond compare
I will have to just admire from a distance I am far too shy

I hope someday you will ask me
I would never dare
I will have to just admire from a distance I am far to shy

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