To Sit As Thieves On Thrones

Just like you wish certain things in your life...
Did not exist?
What makes you think you are by yourself,
To accept with belief,
You are better than someone else?
And who told you the ability to have and to get,
Made your life without being beset with issues...
Promised upon your birth?

The ones who have absolutely nothing to complain about,
Are those who have declared themselves royalty for centuries...
To sit as thieves on thrones from resources stolen.
And to pronounce themselves chosen to be more deserving,
With a lifting of not a finger to work to earn for what they have.
As those who do have to work to make ends meet,
Do it to add more taxes that are collected to add to a pocketing...
To boost the feeding of a revenue religiously.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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