To So Many Great Joy

To so many great joy she is known for to bring
The wonder of Nature is an amazing thing
And though about her she has a mysterious way
From her we do learn something new every day.

The only God I know of is a beautiful she
And her beauty it is everywhere around me
I've loved her since I was a school-going boy
The one who has brought me such pleasure and joy.

The artists and writers her do celebrate
And one can only admire the beauty she create
Her creative powers are for all to see
In her grasses and flowers and every bush and tree.

The only God I do know of yet to her I don't pray
And many to her disrespect only pay
We cut down her tall trees for our financial gain
Of things of great beauty only stumps do remain.

People like her Seasons to life come and go but she lives eternally
The Goddess of land and the Goddess of sea
Her songbirds are singing in the morning gray
My Goddess of Nature how are you today.

by Francis Duggan

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