To Solicit With A Petition

Did you not choose selectively...
Your champions,
At the onset of the race?
And did you not confirm this again and again,
With others giving you an opportunity...
To change your mind with a taking of your time.

And did you not state,
How impressed you were with those images...
You simply could not replace.
With a bragging done of your choices made.
And a laughter in view of those witnessing,
A mocking of a sadness in your competitor's face.

So why have you found it necessary,
To solicit with a petition...
A race you lost at the cost of your embarrassment?
With a campaigning of complaints,
That the race had been fixed.
And you were not aware of a possibility of being tricked.

Do you wish now to prove your assessment is ridiculous?
Since you chose with no one in an adverse debate,
Not only the area of topic, time and the place...
For each event to start.
But it was you who clearly stated,
There would be absolutely no excuses to make...
And the end of 'your' artificially produced charade.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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