25 Feb 2008

The name’s A, like a thunder cloud
Above your head I hover about.
Although like Stealth without a sound,
Of all emotions I have most clout.

Pressing down upon your brain
Staying through your horrid day
I’ll tire you, I’ll make you drain
All energy just to keep me away

You cup your head, I’m forced to flee
As you sit and play some chess*;
But don’t you know, just wait and see:
Later I’ll make you a mess

Open your eyes, oh welcome back!
I wonder how your lil’ game went?
Don’t you worry, I do not lack
Patience; I’m such a gent.

So try again some other time,
For now, too bad, you’re mine.


*In Chinese, we say somebody “is playing chess with the king” meaning somebody is taking a nap. (gen1 zhou1 gong1 xia4 qi2)

by Tiffanie Lein

Comments (2)

Not a high rating which is too bad. From around the time of the Romantics back, the writing was complex and harder to understand. I bought an anthology of Keats poems on my Kindle and it took a few days for me to get used to the old English style of writing. I recommend you do the same ye students of language and rhetoric. This is a beautiful poem. I think it is an 8. Rhyme Scheme: abbaabbacddcdc If I must be in solitude, let it not be in a dense, murky city. Let me climb over mountains high into a beautiful valley. But, if I really had the choice, let me be with a kindred spirit with thoughts refin'd It's Keats soul's pleasure Almost the highest bliss of human-kind I mean what could be better than being alone with a beautiful, intelligent lover in the wilderness, for two is better than one. so to thy haunts two kindred spirits flee!
Not one of Keats finest, however, i can relate, sometimes onr just needs solitude without the complications of outside voices, breathing, and other things that human beings do.. just to be annoying! But i suspect this was writting in one of keats infamous depression-like states.