To Some He Is Seen As A Hero

He is a cruel hearted old bugger and bad things about him been said
But the saddest thing of all about it is that he may die as an old man in his bed
With his children and grandchildren gathered around him as for his soul they kneel in prayer
Such a thought does not seem very pleasant yet life can seem very unfair.

And yet there are many who will tell you that he is not a bad bloke after all
And the atrocities committed by his soldiers they do not see fit to recall
And yet because of him many have suffered and because of him many have died
And because of him once beautiful Cities by his bombers have been destroyed

An ageing man with a very bad record though some with that may not agree
For people who die in bombing raids to them not victims of crimes against humanity
They look on him as a war victor in a war that he did instigate
And winning's all that matter they tell you and the winner we will celebrate.

To some he is seen as a hero though he has got innocent blood on his hands
That people like him can be seen as important I struggle for to understand
He is one who has caused death and suffering yet of a great victory he boast
And some people they still look up to him and to him they still drink a toast.

An ageing man with blood on his hands yet as an old man in his bed he may die
And the fact is war is written by the winners and the fact is that facts never lie
Yet many of his victims must live with limbs missing and many of his victims in cemeteries lay
Due to bombings of Cities that he ordered from his Country so far away

by Francis Duggan

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