To Some It Is

To some it is Melbourne, Tokyo or Rome
For all of us there is some place we call home
To some it is London, Paris or New York
Home for me is near Millstreet Town County Cork

To some it is Montreal, Baghdad or Timbuctoo
Or Sydney or Rio or Kalamazoo,
Beijing or Dublin, Brussels or Tralee
Claraghatlea in Millstreet is homeplace to me

From my first homeplace in Duhallow i may live far away
And to many i would be a stranger there today
But there i was born and spent my younger years
And there i shed all of my fledgeling tears

To some it is Capetown to some it is Tehran
And to some it is Kabul in Afghanistan
Wherever you go to on every street
A person from some other place you will meet

Our journey through life has an ending one day
And home is where the heart is as some like to say
And home to many is where they saw their first sunrise
But that in itself is not any surprise.

by Francis Duggan

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