To Some Their Idea Of A Fair Go

To some their idea of a fair go to some only does apply
But the truth in the meaning of a fair go they only deny
Since a fair go to some is not a fair go to all
Some limit their thinking on fairness to small
A fair go as such should apply to everyone
And not to the billionaires and their daughter and son
Or not to royalty or the celebrities of every city and town
To be looked up to and admired on their perch of renown
So many people in life any form of success struggle to win
Due to the family they are born into or the colour of their skin
If everybody who speaks of a fair go to the true meaning in their words were true
So many more people would receive what is their rightful due
And this is a fair go which they never receive
Some people in their very words do deceive.

by Francis Duggan

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