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To Someone Gone But Not Missed! !

Tears dried up form my eyes
Not wanting to know the whys
Wondering how you gave up so fast
Look how much time has past…

You never came to get me back
Now I know that your heart is all black
You hurt me and now I’m gone
I’ll wait for the sunset ill wait till dawn

Dawn it the start of a new day
I’m happy that you wouldn’t stay
The love for you will never be
Now ill go and with out you to find me

There is more in me that you will ever know
Look at how you sunk so low
You didn’t want me so now I’m here
For you I will not shed a tear

Tears are for the things you lose that you need
I’m alone and I will take the lead
Your nothing to me and don’t act like you are
Your not in my family your so far

Your not family and wont ever be
I’m growing up and you wont get to see
I have love that is more then you ever found
I’m here with my feet on the ground

My feet are touching and yours never could
Ill show you that be here you should
I have lost all dear to my heart
You weren’t here when I fell apart! !

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