To Soothe A Need To Feed Their Evils

Tired doctrines kept in deeply held traditions,
Meant to keep expanding minds stagnant...
With a controlling that prevents a growth meant,
As had been the procedure...
Before limitations were cemented,
In standards valued but today outdated...
And crumbling around foundations found,
Corrupted by profound and accepted decadence...

Since the doing to improve humanity,
Has been circumvented by those promoting insanity...
To soothe a need to feed their evils.
As if a future awaits,
To bestow upon them a wholesomeness...
Without investments made to guarantee this dividend.

Yet believed is a self-righteousness,
Will get them back on track.
With this done without the effects of a suffering,
That comes to remind them of their dependency...
Seeped in a wickedness followed and interpreted,
As a progress although in darkened dungeons celebrated.
Devoid of a higher consciousness,
That could have provided their minds expanded light.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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