To Speak Of Happy Things

I want to speak of happy things,
Like flying on love's wings,
Like sitting beneath the palm trees
As we talk about the birds and the bees.

I want to be happy again,
To remember things from way back when,
To speak excitedly of here and there
Knowing that I truly haven't been anywhere.

I don't want to worry,
I don't want to fret,
I want to be as care free
As I can possibly get.

But in this world I live,
Nothing seems to give,
Happiness is just a word,
And a life without fear
Is just plain absurd.

by Rain Storm

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hey there R.S I like this one, it seems to have captered my mind in so many ways, its suttle yet it strikes me as real. Dunno it just stands out in my mind.......keep up this type of writing (i see clearly u write from ur soul.....and not your mind)