To Stop And Smell The Roses!

Oh! If souls would pause in their hastenings and see the many splendid details, of God's arranging! To step aside from reasonings, which so quickly dulls life. To simplicity that flows sweetly, with the wonder of a child. To embrace to drink in the colours the beauty of the flowers. To sit awhile, clearing thoughts of dark, imaginary clouds. And so, in the river of godly stillness all pervading- is such purity of mind. As hearts waiting on their Creator, move to a different sound Then nearby birds would sing a sweeter and more powerful song. For the waves of goodness, will overshadow wrong! And the hues and colours of our gardens, now brilliant with an inner glowing. For now in thought and word hearts peaceful in their knowing. And lo! Angels, in their multitude of blessing. Will see a soul, so in tune with God that, in the rainbow of revealing. Chords touched so deep with Love births - inner healing!

by Mary Comley

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