To Suffer No More

How much pain and suffering can one take
months of surgery her body needs a break.
Far away are we from our dear friend today
we keep her in our hearts and many do pray.
News that her time here on earth be short
many infections and she cancer was caught.
Is a shoulder or a few words to much to ask
to share hurt and pain with another is a task.
There for others when they have been in need
where are they for me as tears I now bleed.
Family and friends visit our friend each day
helping to cheer lift her spirit along the way.
In the hands of her creator she does wait
her future he holds and now has to create.
To be free from more suffering and her pain
and to meet with her late husband once again.
Is maybe the best for this lady who knows
as her suffering gets worse and fear grows.
As friends we can only sit and wait for news
that we may hear sad words and a friend lose.
Pray we all will for we miss our dear friend
our love will be with her if her life should end.

by Chris Boyles

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