Human Values

In the speedy materialistic race,
We have forgot our grace,
We are running behind the glitters,
Due to which everyone suffers,
In going ahead with one another,
we are pushing each other,
We have no human values,
only cry and hues,
we have no heart,
only the art
to cheat and to deceive
We can`t bear,
the progress of other
we, we, and only we

by dr. ram sharma

Comments (1)

As great a description and evocation of the feeling of lost and pain and war and death and how it can at once hide and at once be made so glorious so that the masses can embrace it, reveal in it without feeling. It is fake. I love your work. Excellent poem. As I have said, my friend, my word smith, You are a poet's poet, and I am as always greatful for your insight, your words, your talent and your work. Excellent. Just simply brilliant.