To Sunny Rose

Thank you for your comments.

Always think of yourself as a work-in-progress.
Once you believe your have become a 'finished product'...
You can not succeed.
You will not!
Accept you are part of this experience,
We embrace and call life.
A piece and part of the 'whole'.

Make a choice to remain vunerable.
Open to explore all possibilities.
Accept critique.
In fact...
Seek it.

A flower is not born ALREADY in full bloom.
Remember that always.

I thank you, again.
And success is a feeling kept inside yourself.
If others discover it,
It came from within to them to be revealed.
Do you 'hear and feel' what I am saying?


I received a 'message' from a young poet,
who calls himself Sunny Rose,18 years old...
and living in Chandgarh, India.
So impress was I by his comments.
The sincerity of his delivery.

'Success 'can' and 'will be' yours, Sunny Rose'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Congradulation my dear fri..sunny rose! ! ! ! One day is not so far....keep on and on..
Wow just wow...a poem for me i feel so happy And yes Sir i will work hard to catch my dream