To Susan

I know it doesn’t make it go away
I know its not okay
But the thoughts of it come through my mind
day after day

you have been through the same things
and i want to thank you for your support
because your the one i can only talk to
the others just don’t understand

there is many things i can use
to take away this pain i have
but it still don’t make it right
and i know i need to stop

this helplessness is all over me
the feeling won’t let go
its building up inside
and just wanting to break free

i want to feel the pain
to see the blood
thats all that i want
but why does it cause so many problems
when its just one little scratch

I have forgotten what life really is
I have been hurting a lot of people
but i don’t do it purposely

I have been doing this for awhile
and i know its not alright
because i might make a mistake one day
and not be able to fix what i have done

This time i was lucky
with all that blood i lost
i will try to get better
because i don’t want to hurt my friends
espessially someone like you

by Katie Huntress

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