ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

To Sweet Patty, My Cordelia

In this heath do I lay, plantive of heart
Recalling my first love
She wert Cordelia, Lady Patty in secular conciousness
Away from phalanx uproar
I recall Her beauty, bespangled eyes, comely locks

We tarry in the orchards of Ojibwe lands
Transmogrified, I, The White Stag
She, The White Roe Deer
In flight we run to the temporal portal
Shifting to aniconic state
Our Love is steadfast

Through this portal, amongst the oak copse of Nemetona
To archaic bournes
I find myself, helpless, in The Celtic Sea
The White Seal swims to me
Carrying me to the shores at Tara in The Boyne Valley
She ascends from the waters
She is my Roane

Quoth She;

' I am Lady Cordelia, whom once thou hast loved
In these peripheries, past conciousness
Hath I returned
For I am The Lady Patty in temporal bournes
See me
What say thee? '

I fall before Her, taken by Her concinnity and beauty
I tremble
Well-nigh unable to utter these words;

'Cordelia, Cordelia, my Sidhe Fairy May Queen
Cordelia, Cordelia, my swoon heart thou hast seen
In new banal realms, thou I foresook
In prescience, thou hast opened my soul as a book
Forgive me dear Patty, Cordelia of Sidhe
Transgressions against thy heart doth I mete

For we wert Deirdre and Nasi?
Wert we naught Llew Llaw Gyffes and sweet Blodeuwedd?
For once we loved on Ierne Isle as Queen and Consort
Thou wast Oonaugh, and I Finvarra
The Leprechaun Peoples of Tuatha de Danaan, revered us

Forgive me, caitiff am I
For I took council from my besotted peers
Instead of from my heart
Forgive me dear Lady Patty
For my scotoma be now replaced with regret and equanimity
What a cocophanous youth I led
Hath rancour besieged thy heart? '

With askant stare
She looks past my eyes
Into depths of my soul
As She prepares to speak.............

I awake
Knowing not the answer

May I find my Cordelia in banal bournes
Will She pardon my infirm heart?

Grant me mettle to seek this Vision Quest
To May Queen Cordelia, Aine`s child
Please hear my plight
Besprent in pixie dust

For in this dreaming, and
On earthly planes...................I weep for thee

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