DW (24th, Dec.1986 / China)

To Take Or To Die

I am a senior student in an university, I am gonna graduate this summer, but as the pain in the neck, I got no job in the bag, So I am a little sad and get losing my confidence. It is harsh, but I have to make a leaving by take the job I dont even like.There seems no atternative, is there?

Drowning in the swamp of self-accusation,
It is doomed.
I am struggling for help,
So furiously, so hopefully,
However, not from anyone else, but from myself.

With locking mind in the fairy-land,
Where I am the only resident,
I set myself secluded,
But stay aware of my dream.
Never thought so stranded ground that
I would step into.
Individualism, uniqueness, idealism,
Are what I have been searching.
Nevertheless, at the fork, beneath the footprints
Is the realism that I abandoned.

The harder I scrabble, the faster I sink.
I am dying.
By my ear resounding a voice,
So annoyingly, so frantically.
“Take me, take me, I can save you”
I look around, look around, look around,
O, it comes from here,
The extending vine of realism,
Shouting aside at me.
What should I do?
Take it? or
To die?

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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