To Tease With Tricks And Trinkets

And as some pray.
With one eye closed.
And the other looking away.
A few claim to have heard,
To them say...
"It could happen.
Not all beliefs,
Are meant or intended.
To keep them believed that way."

Straight from a far and distant unseen
Where God is rumored to reside and await.
In a Heaven surrounded,
By harps and trumpets played.
Behind magnificent pearly gates.
There are those on Earth praying in
With their fingers crossed.
Hoping that God has not yet reviewed,
A massive amount of videotapes.
Edited. Before a quick 'upload'.
Sent by Lucifer to prove and to God.
For His review.
That all who claim to be of devoted faith.
Are not.
They want God to use and fool.
And Lucifer has obtained the evidence.
Of those faking faith.
With a doing of it.
To have had long ago sold their souls.
Just to Lucifer for something,
That would appeared to be pure.
Solid gold.
"Such fools you mortals be."
Lucifer whispers to repeatedly state.

The voice some hear in their ears
Whether or not to exaggerate.

"First of all,
God may forgive transgressions made.
But let me tell you this,
Cleaning the pearls on those gates?
Is a task that will last for eternity.
They must be brushed.
And not with toothpaste.
Trust me.
I am here for you."

Since Lucifer refused this task to do.
His wings were clipped.
Kicked out of Heaven and sent to Earth.
Labelled evil.
Since God did not like,
What came out of Lucifer's mouth.
And Lucifer had used Colgate.
Teeth so white and sunlight bright.

Although it had been God,
To grant Lucifer free will to do so.
And Lucifer being Lucifer.
Had always kept wishes to regain his
As God's only favorite angel.
Becoming jealous and envious.
By decisions God made.
Choosing more and more angels.
Declaring them too,
Also as God's favorites.
And Lucifer knew,
Who wore masks to masquerade.
Lucifer became really angry.
His blood boiled hot.
Changing his skin tone.

"You see,
God does not play.
When it is rumored Him to say,
There shall be no other gods before me.
Serious about this is God to always be."

And Lucifer knows this.
To tease with tricks and trinkets.

"I gotta go.
But remember,
You didn't hear any of this from me.
So don't attempt to confess it.
I will only deny my involvement."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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