(October 20, 1940 / New Jersey)

Just A Housewife

I am just a housewife, no mean feat
I put food on the table, for my family to eat

nourishing wholesome meals, cooked with a mother's touch,
not food like a restaurants, which you dont miss much,

I am there to comfort and listen to woes,
I have to be a refree too, and settle all the rows,

I pamper his mother and keep his folks happy,
and even keep smiling, when I am feeling snappy,

I'm house proud and neat, clean rooms are a must,
my days are spent cleaning, and keeping out the dust,

I am a nurse, too helping in healing, wounds of both kinds,
real fears of my husband and imaginary fears of young minds,

I am a hostess when required, entertaining within constraints,
I'm also a disciplanarian when children require restraints,

I manage the finances, and keep everything going
when things are not going right for me I keep them from showing

my husband earns the bread, its my job to keep him going,
I steer the boat and he does the rowing,

together we raise children, to be happy and bright
together we live our our life working morning to night

but don't forget my friends that men CAN'T multi task,
how to juggle so many tasks its a woman you have to ask.

and all this without payment, and sometimes no appreciation,
thats what women are about,
endless love, nurture and creation.

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I watch live. good poem. I like it.
bold and vast. keep writing! ! !
From youthful intellectual arrogance to mature gratitude for the wonderful gifts all around us. Makes growing up / growing old worthwhile.
i don't think i've ever heard it described better.