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To Tell A Lie

Billy goes to Church every week
Salvation he tries to buy,
He believes every person should turn the other cheek
But of course, only before the day that they die;
To be honest and truthful he did not care
The Christian belief he didn't even try,
He would cheat and steal and would only say a prayer
When he had only enough breath to sigh;
He couldn't keep a wife or ever get a girlfriend
So, he would sit and cry,
Women and men he would always offend
He was that nauseous type of guy;
To sin he came by it legitimately by his mother
Salvation he thought he would try,
But, he cared just only for himself and no other
He never noticed the sty in his own eye;
Some people open their eyes, but they will not look
And they will never question why,
Any person can put their hand upon the good book
Then they will tell the world their lie.

Randy L. McClave

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