UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

My Africa

The land of my forefathers
Victim of imperialism, colonialism
Wars and all social ills alike
Perpetuated by western forces
Pregnant with deceit and diseases
To cripple my Africa

Rise Africa, rise
Rise from victimhood
Rise from the Dark Continent
Rise above civil wars
Rise and open economic doors
Rise my Africa, rise

Ooh my Africa
Food parcels and UN aids
Are demeaning and degrading
In the glory of your oil and minerals
Whilst the aiders loot your riches
And encourage you to fight each other

Unite Africa, unite
Invoke the unity sought by Nkruma
Africans refuse to be pawns
Refuse to be traitors of your fellows
In the global circles, know thy self
And build my Africa

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you are a human being before you let out a scream at birth of your fist poem of life thanks brother hawk.
Your heart is an open book as we see in your interesting writes...As karina says, there is nothing to apologize for...we are all just ourselves doing our best to live good lives, and, you have a beautiful little girl...~~~marci. :) ~~~
What is it that you need to apologize?