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To The Almighty Living God

To the almighty living GOD!
Please tell me, are you a fraud?
Because all that hear, is pain, hate and suffering
Where are you? for the peace and the comforting,
And all that I read about is murder, stealing and rape
From violence in this world, can we not escape?
I thought only the devil was the master of deceit
Do you also lie, and ignore, and cheat.

You created us all and then we created war
Then you gave us the needy and the handicapped and the poor,
Does it give you happiness to see us in pain
When we pray to you for your help, you only give us rain,
I thought when we got on our knees to talk to you in prayer
That you would listen to us, and that you would really care,
Maybe though you are only a bully and just a mimic
Or maybe you are just hateful, or an idol and a gimmick.

You created us all in your very own likeness
Maybe that is were you created the mess,
When we were born we were GODs, that was the errors
So, unto the world and each other we were bad bearers,
Do you watch us? and then do you turn your head at us and laugh
And do you not care when we fall down or take the wrong path,
Should we not pray for help, and just believe that your not real
Maybe I will just forget about you, when I eat my next meal.

When I was five I almost died, in a house fire
Was that your plan? or was for me to suffer your only desire,
I suffered and I was in pain, please tell me where were you
Or maybe my life and my destiny was still under heavenly review,
Then when I became a man I thought you had blessed my marriage
But, for my wedding and my future there were errors to disparage,
You gave me a wife who lied and cheated, and who also stole
You gave me the ability to love, but you didn't give my wife a soul.

I now look down upon my very own callused hand
As I now think of you GOD, finally I truly understand,
I can open my hand to wave, or close it to make a fist
It is my own decision alone to accept, or to resist,
I can stay in a ditch or I climb the mightiest tallest hill
Because only of you, you gave me the desire and also free will,
GOD! No longer do I believe that you are a fake
As it was I, and not you that made that terrible mistake.


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