To The Best Of Their Beneficial Efforts Made

It seems never-ending.
With a celebrated endlessness.
Alibis upon excuses saved to make,
For deliberate acts of violence created...
By those who have placed themselves in positions,
To conduct investigations to uncover the causes...
That has effectively exposed their acceptance of insanity.

But no focus to examine in depth their own misdeeds,
Since attempts made to hide their escapes to appease...
Those delusioned by their standards kept valued,
Remain in a frame of a mindset that approves...
Everything done they continue to do,
Is to the best of their beneficial efforts made...
To protect what's left of their quality of life and interests.

Remembering if it wasn't for 'image',
The effectiveness to impress would be diminished.
And then there would be nothing left to address,
Accept kept depression to keep medically suppressed.
With the cost of doing this too overwhelming to admit.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wow really neat I love the depth keep doin what u r doin