To The Big Guy

Sometimes I dont know what to do
But I know I'd be lost without you

Im so glad your here for me and you listen to me
It seems like your inside of me and you see what I see

I want to follow you, your words, your footsteps
It's just so hard to do and I just need your help

I know I've done many wrong things, but you forgave them all
Your on one side and Im on the other, but Im going to break through that wall

Your words fill my heart and sould with good things instead of the bad
I let you in my life and I changed, Im no longer sad

You bless me with the fun and easy times and help me with the sad and rough
I mean, come on... who knew like would be this though

Im just glad to have you and I know your here
Im blessed with your grace... you chase away my every fear

by That Person

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