To The Blessers

Poem By Blessing Kalamatila

Sometimes I sit still,
constantly in battle with my thoughts trying to fathom how you burry your guilt and wake up to face your wives with no shame,
I mean if this is a game
then am not so sure of whose at the losing end,
these girls who degrade their value for a cheque or you men for that transactional sex.

Pardon these thoughts!
you see this poem is of self introspection;
so you will do well to answer me this question but before I ask,
I need you to know that I hold no grudge
neither do I mean to play Judge,
if anything even I too is in pursuit of perfection but isin't your spouse enough to return your passionate affection?

if yes, then play dead.
if no, I suggest we call you Lions instead;
for you only take pride in how you devour our future wives for a few rounds and as wild that sounds,
bereft of hope these girls are bound
to return right back even after you are the one that left.

but whose to blame?
these men who because of money believe they can quench their thirst for lust and gladly admit that they won't adjust to having one but alot on his side simply because they can provide and delibarately decide not to prioritise their responsibility,
or these fine young ladies for creating the possibility?

See! I am aware that question alone might attract divergent views
but you see I didn't make the rules
and last I checked we are not equal;
to survive the worst is any woman's greatest strength, so one way or another she always falls on her feet
but ladies! take heed,
the reason why Men are the head is not because of whats in between our legs but only in the ability to lead.

#Blessing Kalamatila

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Well written i must say
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