To The Critics Of Poetry

To the critics of poetry we are not good enough
They dismiss us as those who pen terrible stuff
'Tis beneath their dignity our stuff to criticize
We will not be short listed for any literary prize.

We write not for ourselves but with others to share
And though poetasters are plentiful and poets they are rare
In literature as in life only few do succeed
But poets and poetasters the literary World does need.

The literary icons the literary World celebrate
But we all can't be famous and we all can't be great
The cream to the top of the milk rise they say
And the best poet always does write the poem of the day.

And whether you write poetry or doggerel
If you try your best then you have done well
To be a succes is everybody's dream
But we all can't be winners or so it does seem.

by Francis Duggan

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