To The Days Of The Irish Travellers

Though tinged with some sadness old memories can be a source for joy
When i think of the Ireland i knew as a boy
The decades of time the memory does span
To the days of the Irish travellers of the romany horse drawn caravan

Change happened for them and it came to them fast
But then few things in life ever does seem to last
More cars and trucks and buses on the roads to their mode of travel brought an end
That time with it brings changes why otherwise pretend

Though what used to be in the forever gone
Their romany vans and brown and white pinto horses in memory lives on
The Ireland of the nineteen fifties is now a fading memory
Of a long gone time and of the what used to be

Changes keep on happening with the passing of time
The Irish travellers were no longer travelling in their horse drawn vans long before i reached my prime
And going back the years this now seems long ago
And time that rusts steel and iron has become my foe.

by Francis Duggan

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