~ Who We Are ~

We are people touched by sorrow -
sometime in the past,
maybe today, perhaps tomorrow.

No one escapes the horror pain -
no one should live alone,
in guilt and shame.

Can we let go of past hurts -
that seem to drag us down?
perhaps so, perhaps not -
more will come around.

It really doesn't matter -
what our affliction was,
nothing so unseen or hidden -
not even an unjust cause.

We have a choice in this life -
to carry our burdens heavy,
or to carry them light -
but around not to build a levy.

We will be called names -
and sometimes scorned,
misunderstood and even forsaken -
but if we abide in God,
with trust and love -
the faith we proclaim,
cannot be shaken.

No one knows the answers -
to all the questions of life,
but if we just hold His hand -
we will always live in light.

Who we are -
so meek and frail,
we are human -
and destined to sometimes fail.

We are not doomed -
to the darkness of sin,
when we open up our hearts
and let God dwell therein.

There is more joy
than there is pain,
more friendship
much the same.

Since yesterday is gone -
and never to return,
can we bury past hurts
and by them learn?

Who we are applies to today -
refreshed in spirit,
so that peace can stay.

To live in harmony -
and filled with love,
to touch each other's heart -
as we are so touched,
by Him above!

There is only one answer -
to which our heads should nod,
simply put -
we are all children of God!

© Steve A. Politte

by Steve A. Politte

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