To The Edge

To the edge.
That's the only place to take it.
To the limits as it is pushed.
Having that adrenaline,
Under that skin tight and tensed.
With each muscle prepared...
To sit balanced and dared!
As if you've been fenced...
To be forced to make decisions,
Now it is time to convince!

To the edge
You wish your life fulfilled.
To the edge
Squeezed and juiced,
With a boost that goosebumps
To thrill at will.

To the edge
Not many are willing to live!
They rather discuss who is negative.
And who is undetected but still positive!

To the edge
Where the air is fresh and sweet.
To the edge
There is no chemical to use,
To make one feel more complete.

Take your life and make a clean sweep!
Take that mess you've got to the edge!
Let it dropp and as you watch it...
Make your own pledge,
You will stop the nonsense fed!
And employ your joy...
The moment you get up and out of bed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

often the negative, brings out, what needs to be enlightened as... positive. i'll stop my nonsense tomorrow, the moment i get out of bed. i'm takin' my poems to the edge today. watch me. take care. no doubt... an interesting read.