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To The Ex-Wife

My wife you lied and you also cheated,
And that is the reason that I filed for divorce,
I didn't think long, it was a short deliberation,
And in the end that was my only course;
We both are now very happy that you left,
Now I can find a happier and better life for me,
And as for yourself, your life it is now your own,
No longer are we one, we are no longer a family;
Thank you for giving my surname back to me,
Now hopefully no one knows who you once were,
You can start a new life with another person,
But please stay away from the smokes and the liqueur;
Not a day goes by that I don't reminisce of our past,
It is like a bad book that I read and reread once again,
But someday soon that book I will finish it forever,
And when that day comes, to GOD; I will say Amen.

Randy L. McClave

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