ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

To The Fallen Warrior Bairns Of Elysium

To those many a soldier
O’er many ire-fraught scores of years in past
The brave who hath been smote down
Ere their time un-righteously
Fighting battles which their fathers sanction
Tis thee we remember
Ne’er to forget their laughter on the winds
Nor their tears in the fallen rains
Nor their sanguine sacrifice upon the altars of war
Though countless are these moons which pass
Waxing an’ waning……waning an’ waxing
Whirling through the vortex of The Great Wheel
In Elysium they stand with innocence fore’er
Gazing back at us ingenuously from The Land of The Young
Forgive our transgressions brave children!
For absconding thy precious gifts of life an youth
With our compunctions abound in remorse
Tis we who receive the recompense
For the oblations which ye hath made
We remember thee brave youth
Forget thee we shall surely not
Remember thee, verily………….we shall

Steve Trimmer

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