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To The Friend
(13 May 1977 / Swabi)

To The Friend

Sweet were the moments
Like heaven fragrance
Fancy were the scenes
Charming was thy looks
Touchy were thy talks
For hours we talked
Like thousand years
Everlasting was the relation
Like the blood to blood
Like heart to heart
And vein to vein
Like light and day
Our souls were one
Tied together embraced
Words were fragrant
Time was still
Days were flowery
Nights were rosy
For hours we felt
The warmth of sincerity
For years we sighed together
We laughed together
We played with the time
With equal effort
We bonded our hands
Like unbroken knot
We tied our hearts
We shared our souls
We pooled our spirits
We joined our thoughts
Like unbroken waves
Like beating heart
Like passing time
Like gazing stars
We tortured our hearts
By waiting to meet
The passion to talk
The eagerness to feel
The madness to share
The words of fidelity
The loyalty of truth
We spare the days
We spent the nights
By dreaming each other
The flames of feelings
Overwhelmed emotions
Got the temptation
Of prudent success
Of getting together
Together for ever
But it was impossible
To cross the Himalayas
Of unbeaten love
The spirit was injured
The soul was hurt
The heart was sad
The day was dark
The night mourned
The stars shivered
When we departed
Like broken arrows
Fell apart the tears
Spoiled and touched
The unhappy ground
The flower lost beauty
The nature distasteful
Shadows of gloom
Spread all along
The darken hearts
The broken words
Felt the sigh of sorrow
For long we wept
For long we sighed
The tortured looks
Never met again
The suffering hearts
Never touched again
The painful souls
Never talked again
The heart will retain
The scars will remain

29 Jan,2005

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Langston Hughes


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Thought and emotion went into this poem not forgetting time