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you have to be badly broken inside when you beg for people around you, in you mind to stop...when you have to escape into your own world just to keep yourself from falling apart, why is it that people around you get this four letter word called love others, i know how to cover it up, to go along with it but I've never felt that feeling, your heart racing from their hand just brushing against your check, the feeling of your skin burning so hot but no pain surfaces...am i being punished for lying? for throwing around such a delicate, fragile word just to see those around me smile and make them happy because i don't have that one thing that makes me me, I'll start to crack and wither like my purpose here is no longer...for all that i carry with me is that god forsaken plague without love...they say you get glitter in your eyes that the world is so bright and radiant, but have dulled to nothing for i am in a world painted in black and white...every time through every time i wish for people to just stop, i was to scream and cry like a child but my voice is obscure an i have long forgotten how to create tears for what's the point? the dead will not live, the hurt will still linger this curse will not be lifted by a mere couple of translucent word spoken that jaded feeling awakens with my body and strives while i sleep devouring, to the last little bit of hope i locked away years ago in a imaginary box my feelings have shattered and dissolved to nothing...pain will always remain for without it our growth, the worlds growth will come to a raging halt, the rest of them are so easy to manipulate that no one have ever given a second though to it...but I'll take this curse head on if it means i can make people smile, though hurt follows, someone else is always there to pick the pieces off your dried out world...

by Starseed Child

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