To The Greats

To my great nephew.
And wonderful great nieces.
You all are tremendous.
I love you to pieces.

Kevin Lawrence,
I already see in you...
Your stubbornness.
And unchanging attitude.
Oh, I see me in you I do.
God bless your mother Shayla.
And your daddy Kevin too.
Along with your sister Kamara...
Accomplishments you will pursue.

T'Ana, Allanah and Shi'An...
Three strong willed women,
Who take control and command.
Your parents Rhonda and Landry...
Have been mesmerized by your skills.
Your graciousness and talents,
Captivate and thrill.

And as your great uncle,
I just want you to know...
So proud I am of all of you,
As I observe you blooming to grow.
Evolving into adults you are.
With love and wisdom you bestow.
Never let that go!

To my wonderful 'greats'.
Love you, Uncle Larry.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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