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To The Kids

To The Kids

Poem By Antoine Lavoisier

we made a most marvelous discovery today:
bubbly bubbly soda pop and fizzy noses filled with snot
('victor, put that pool stick down. Don't say snot! ')
should always ever be mixed together
and saved for special, secret occasions,
like birthday parties and rainy seasons
('kiki, where did you put that coloring crayon? ')
just like in africa, or the zoo.

preferably the zoo, cause that's
all i've ever seen
and, come to think of it, wish to!

and no one could remember if its
six seas, or if its seven, so we voted:
the world would be too small a place!
there's now exactly eleven.

[thankfully, there happened to be,
on our way from here to there,
a water foundation just the right size,
for our chivalrous, proud, short captain.]

he was four like the lot of us. kiki taught
us a new word today: 'aaarggh.'

we giggled a lot after that.

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good poem Antoine; enjoyable